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Flower Mound Cleaning Windows ReplacementThe Flowermound Window Cleaning and Repair company treats every project the same way. If it’s a case of the simplest foggy window, you can expect us to take it seriously and fix it to the best of our abilities. The same with a major project that involves plenty of work, such as a full window replacement.

Full window replacements can certainly be categorized as major projects and it often involves plenty of materials, effort, and time. Of course, on the part of the home or business owner, it also involves more budget. Although on our part, we try to do everything we can to help minimize their costs. One thing we don’t do is to inflate the expenses of our customers just for us to earn more.

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So our policy is to be transparent with our customers right from the get-go. From the first time they contact us, we already let them know what’s up. We spare nothing about the details of the project, from the smallest damage that caused the replacement to the last cent that added to the overall cost. That way, they can see that we are the best company for the job because not only are we good at what we do, we’re also precise and detail-oriented.

If a potential customer contacts us, then we’ll immediately set-up a consultation. That consultation will be when we’ll provide all of the important details about the project. They’ll need to know about the different options that are open to them in terms of the window designs. Aside from that, they’d also want to learn about the various window manufacturers in and out of the city.

Other than those details, we can also relate the process that our glass technicians use, as well as some cost comparison between manufacturers and competitors. All that information is crucial to the successful completion of the project and we understand that the owner would like to have all of it before it even starts. The important thing for us is to deliver it to them clearly so they can make a good decision about going through with the project or not.

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